Guided Imagery Scripts for Sex

Intimacy Meditation - Audio MP3
An exquisitely crafted intimacy meditation to help couples enjoy deep emotional and physical intimacy in a loving relationship.
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How can guided imagery exercises improve physical and emotional intimacy with your partner?  For many people, physical union falls short of the deep emotional and spiritual connection it was meant to be.  Guided imagery scripts for sex can help restore the joy, commitment, and acceptance between you and your partner, helping you foster a deeper and more fulfilling emotional and spiritual connection.

Below is a sexual intimacy meditation that helps in two ways.

First, the imagery helps you enter a deeply relaxed state, helping you to release the tension, anxiety, and frustration you might have felt.  Once in this relaxed state, your mind and spirit are infinitely more receptive to positive imagery that helps foster loving acceptance of yourself and your partner.

After focused relaxation, the sex therapy guided meditation audio moves into a series of images that allow you to love and accept yourself as you are – a perfectly formed manifestation of divine love and intention.  It is not possible to deeply love another until you can deeply love and appreciate the wonder of your creation, as well.  This portion of the guided imagery exercise for intimacy helps you see the perfection of your body and spirit.

Next, the guided intimacy script fosters wonder and appreciation at your partner’s form as well.  To avoid any possible negative associations with specific people who are or were in your intimate life, the script simply asks you to envision your perfect lover, and then guides you through imagery designed to help you appreciate your perfect lover’s form and spirit.

With love, acceptance, and appreciation as a backdrop, the intimacy meditation moves through an imagined sexual liaison with your perfect partner.  This liaison is presented suggestively but not pornographically, and the imagery is erotic but not explicit.  This is to ensure all audiences benefit from the sexual intimacy exercise.

From the first use, the guided intimacy meditation will help you develop a healthy relationship with yourself and your intimate partner.