Guided imagery meditation for sexual intimacy

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Intimacy Meditation - Audio MP3
An exquisitely crafted intimacy meditation to help couples enjoy deep emotional and physical intimacy in a loving relationship.
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Our wildly popular guided intimacy meditation for sexual intimacy will help you and your partner experience deep emotional and sexual connection, overcome any fear of intimacy, and help you become free of any lingering physical intimacy issues in your relationship.  It will help create deep enjoyment and satisfaction to help foster a fulfilling, satisfying, and thrilling sexual and emotional connection.

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Guided imagery script contents

Because the theme of this meditation is designed for those in mature relationships, there can be confusion about the nature of this guided imagery meditation.  We have chosen to include the transcript of the meditation below, in order to allay concerns about explicit or pornographic content.

Guided imagery transcript:

Welcome. This meditation will explore the spiritual essence of your sexuality, and awaken your soul to the fullness of yourself.

All of life and the physical universe exist in duality.  Light is understood through darkness.  Sadness is the pathway to happiness.  We know pleasure by also knowing pain.  And all of the life we see is the result of sexual energy, or the miraculous outcome of two opposites, male and female, commingling and communing.  The two sexes combine in blessed bliss to produce the miracle of all life.  Spirit manifests its life intention through sexuality, the divine force that energizes, renews, releases, and re-creates all things.

For centuries, humankind has explored the spirituality of our sexual nature, and the sexuality of our spiritual nature.  Like breathing and eating, human sexuality is essential to our survival.  And human sexuality can also be a deeply spiritual practice with the power to open pathways to the center of our being.  The act of physical union can be holy, sacred, pure, and transformational.  Sexual coupling can transcend the physical domain, and move with grace and ease into the pure light of the spiritual realm to produce restoration of soul and realization of the fundamental connection of life.

Our sexuality has been misunderstood by well-intentioned people and institutions in our lives, whose teachings have generated undertones of collective guilt and uncleanliness in our sexual consciousness. This guilt lingers throughout many changes in our outward sexual contexts and relationships.  Sexual guilt follows us into all of our relationships, interferes with our union with ourselves and our partner, and clouds our ability to attain, enjoy, and linger in the unrivaled divine pleasure of the sexual practice in all of its forms.

This meditation will help you transcend those deep-seated feelings of guilt and inadequacy, and will re-center your sexual and spiritual self to appreciate and marvel at the perfection of your own sexuality as a miraculous manifestation of divine intention and love.  Upon your first listening, your conscious and subconscious mind will begin to move toward greater love, understanding, acceptance, and communion with your own spiritual essence, as well as your partner’s spirituality and sexuality.

Using this meditation, you will discover the deep spiritual healing, connectedness, transformation, beauty, wonder, ecstasy, acceptance, joy, light, and happiness that conscious sexuality brings.  You may use this meditation to prepare your heart and spirit for union with your lover.  You may use this meditation alone, by yourself, to deepen your individual spiritual practice and sexual identity.  You will gain immediate benefit from just one listening, and you will discover new depths of your essence and new meaningfulness in your consciousness with each subsequent meditation.

You will first relax your body and your mind to allow receptiveness of spirit.  You should never use this meditation while driving.  Set aside time free of interruptions.  Turn off your telephone and other devices that might disturb your meditation.  Prepare a quiet room with soft light and a warm, comfortable temperature.  You may sit or lie down comfortably.  At first, you may feel most comfortable clothed.  Later, as your comfort with your sexuality grows, you may enjoy meditating unclothed.  During this meditation, you may become aroused.  This is normal but not necessary.  If you become aroused, allow your desire to build in order to experience the full benefit of this meditation.

During the relaxation phase, you may fall asleep.    While your conscious mind sleeps, your subconscious intelligence will absorb all of the benefits of this meditation.

Relax.  Your meditation begins now.

Music interlude.

You will now begin your journey to spiritual sensuality and sexual awakening.

Sit or lie down in a comfortable place.

Open your legs slightly, comfortably, and relax your feet.

Place your hands comfortably by your side, palms up.

Close your eyes.

Breathe slowly, calmly, deeply.

Inhale slowly.

Feel your lungs filling with life-giving air.

Relax your face into a smile.

Keep inhaling.  Deeper.

Pause to feel your heart beat once….twice….three times…. then exhale slowly.

As your breath leaves your body, feel all tension leave with it.

Become conscious of your forehead.  Relax all the muscles around your eyes.

Inhale slowly and deeply.  Follow the flow of life through your nostrils, down your throat, into your lungs, into your blood.

Feel its richness and calm energy.

Exhale.  More tension leaves your body, then more still.

Breathe normally.

Each time you exhale, you become more relaxed, more peaceful, more joyful.

You feel complete relaxation.

You are completely content in this moment.

You feel even more relaxed, and more peaceful.

With your eyelids closed, become aware of your eyes.  Smile with them.  Soften them.  Breathe relaxation and peace into your eyes.

Each breath makes your eyes softer and softer, more and more peaceful.

Inhale deeply.  Imagine the air you breathe is a warm, healing, tingling liquid.  You breathe it easily.  As you inhale, it brings life and renewal.  As you exhale, it removes all tension in your mind and body.

Inhale.  More healing, more peace.

Exhale.  More joy, more relaxation.

Notice your neck.  Breathe relaxation and healing into your neck muscles.  Relax them completely.

Imagine relaxation and warmth flowing from your neck to your shoulders.  Let them rest.  Feel the powerful muscles of your shoulders relax.

Feel calm energy and renewal flow from your shoulders to your upper arm, through your elbows, down your forearm, and into your hands.

Feel a warm tingling sensation move from your wrists, to your palms, into your fingers, all the way to your fingertips.  Imagine warmth and healing in all of your arms.

Inhale deeply, and fill your lungs with warm, healing life.

Let the warm liquid leave your chest, moving downward to your stomach.  Relax all the muscles in your midsection.  There is only peace and relaxation in your stomach, in your solar plexus.

As you inhale again deeply, then exhale, imagine warm relaxation flowing down your legs, through your knees, past your calves, into your ankles, and into each toe.

Breathe relaxation into your entire body.

With each breath, you become more and more relaxed, more and more peaceful.

Inhale slowly, and imagine that now instead of air, you’re inhaling warm light.

This light fills your chest, but does not leave as you exhale.

With each breath it becomes brighter.

The light begins to grow larger, and warms your body as it grows.

It is a pleasant sensation.

The light and warmth grow with each breath.

The light has expanded beyond your chest .

You are now more relaxed and peaceful than ever.

Your whole body is inside this light.

Keep breathing normally.

The entire room is inside this light.

Your light bathes everything in a warm, soft, loving glow.

The world is now inside your light.

And the universe.

Imagine all things are within your light.

Notice all things being nourished by your light.  And all things nourish your light in return.

Look inward at the universe from the edge of your light.  There is nothing but peace and perfection.  Watch love and light flow between you and the universe inside of you.

Become aware of a galaxy filled with stars and planets.

See its stars spiral toward the bright, warm center.

Notice its silent beauty.

Appreciate its perfection.

Notice one star, and move toward it with your consciousness.

Watch your light approach the star, and feel its warmth.

Move closer, and notice a planet.

Imagine this planet is lush blue and green, and teeming with life.

Form the intention to know this place, and move closer, and closer still.

It has familiar clouds, shapes, colors, oceans, mountains.  Breathe its air.  Imagine the air is warm, pleasantly moist, and sweet.

Move toward the surface.

Come to rest in a soft spot surrounded by warm, lush, fragrant blooms.

Smell their perfume, musky, sweet, full of life and energy.

Inhale them.  Feel your lungs tingle and your pulse quicken slightly.

Inhale deeply, and feel the tingling warmth in your chest grow more powerful.

Imagine the tingling moves down from your chest to your upper stomach.  It grows powerful, peaceful, energetic as it moves.

Further down.  Warm tingling moves in from your toes and fingertips to feed the excitement in your lower stomach.  Lower.

Your pulse quickens ever so slightly more.

Become aware of blissful expectation between your legs.

Feel the warm tingling move down your abdomen and up your legs, meeting in your sex.

Breathe warmth and energy into your sex.

Feel the warm expectation of creation and life.

Imagine you are able to move out of your body.

Move above your head, and gaze down upon your form.  Notice that you are lying naked on a soft bed.

All imperfections have become beautiful.  You notice that you love your features as you regard them.

Look at the beauty, grace, and strength of your feet, your calves, your whole legs. They are strong, sleek, sexual, beautiful.

Regard your hands, your arms, your shoulders.  See the lines between your shoulders and neck.  You notice the lines flow beautifully into each other.

Become aware of your whole naked body.  See the perfection of your design.

You feel warmth and energy flowing from your physical form.  You see grace, sexuality, beauty, perfection.

Move back into your body.  Imagine that warmth and love radiate from your eyes.  Gaze into the distance, where a pleasant light shines.

You see movement in the distance.  You become aware of hips and shoulders, then arms and legs, moving perfectly, suggestively, seductively as a silhouette moves slowly but deliberately toward you.

Love and acceptance radiate from your eyes as the silhouette moves closer.

You become aware that this form moving toward you is the lover created perfectly for you in this moment.

Notice perfectly formed legs moving beautifully, rhythmically.  Feel warmth and eager joy grow in the center of your body.

See your lover’s perfect hips and waist moving toward you.  Feel the blood moving toward the center of your sexuality.

Notice the perfect outline of your lover’s arms, shoulders, and neck.  Radiate love from your eyes as you see your lover’s grace and beauty move into focus.

Gaze at your favorite places, and feel your connection and energy grow.  Your lover moves closer, and closer still.

You rise, and your body is magnificent and ready to take and receive your lover.

Your lover moves slowly closer, and closer.  You feel the warmth radiate from your lover’s body.

You become aware of your lover’s gaze, and you receive warmth, energy, love, desire, and total acceptance.

Imagine your lover’s mouth, slightly open, eager with desire to have you, lips moistened for your kiss.

Inhale your lover’s breath.  Imagine your lover’s soul filling your body.

Share your lover’s life energy.

Inhale deeply, and notice the intoxicating arousal you feel.

You want your lover more than anything else, and you know your lover’s desire matches yours.

Exhale, and imagine your soul bringing life and joy to your lover’s lungs.

Move closer, slowly, and open your mouth as you meet your lover’s lips with yours.

Imagine your hands on your lover’s hips, then the small of your lover’s back.  Feel the dizzying desire.

Pull your lover close, closer, and closer still, until your bodies touch.

Feel complete exhilaration move through your body, and feel your sex spasm with desire.

Lay down slowly with your lover.

Embrace slowly.  Move your mouth to your lover’s neck, and feel the perfect beauty of your lover’s shape, smell, and taste.

Sense your lover’s breath quicken as you move slowly down, down.

Breathe on your lover’s chest, then slowly caress your lover’s body with your lips.  Taste your lover with your tongue.

Feel your lover’s desire grow more urgent.

Move slowly, softly to your favorite spot.  With each touch of your lips and tongue, feel your lover’s body rise to meet you.

Feel your lover’s energy and excitement grow with each breath.  Feel your lover’s heartbeat with your tongue.

Feel your own excitement grow as your lover’s pleasure mounts.

You now slowly return to your lover’s neck, tasting with your lips and tongue as you move.  Notice how delicious your lover’s skin tastes, and how pleasant and erotic your lover smells.

Imagine looking directly into your lover’s eyes as you take your lover, and your lover takes you.

Your lover sees through your eyes, through your form, into your soul.  You feel the love and acceptance that your lover radiates into your spirit.

You bask in the warmth of your lover’s complete joy and admiration.  Wordlessly, your lover’s eyes move to pure ecstasy as your bodies begin to move together.

You notice the perfect beauty of your lover’s face as waves of pleasure wash through your body.

You feel awe and respect for your lover’s perfection, and feel more aroused with each undulation of your bodies.  You move in perfect unison.

Breathe your lover’s breath, and feel the tingling move from your lungs through your entire body.

Feel your lover’s caress.  It is tender, urgent, strong, admiring, and full of warmth and desire.  Your body responds with delight to each fingertip as your two bodies move back and forth together.

Softly, your lover moans.  It is from deep within, both joyful longing and satisfied ecstasy.  Your pace quickens, your breath deepens, your desire grows with each movement together.

You feel the urgency grow in your lover’s movements.  You see amazement and pure pleasure in your lover’s eyes.

Your own eyes radiate love and adoration.

You feel complete connection.

You feel pure joy.

You feel quiet confidence.

You know that you will bring exquisite pleasure to your lover’s body, mind, and spirit.

In this moment, you sense that you and your lover are in perfect union.

You feel a warm, powerful, happy force rejoicing with you and your lover.

You become aware of the presence that created all things.  You know that this all-powerful presence is pure love.

You sense the divine, eternal blessing of this all-powerful force on this moment of union with your lover.

You become aware that your lover’s ecstasy grows with each movement together.

Each motion becomes stronger, more urgent, more joyous.

You feel the pleasure build in your lover’s body and spirit.  It grows more and more powerful.

Your lover’s breathing deepens, then quickens, and your joy grows with your lover’s pleasure.

As your lover’s motion becomes urgent, powerful, and strong, your eyes meet again in union.

Waves of pleasure course through your lover’s body and spirit.

You caress your lover’s soul with your eyes as your lover’s body spasms with pleasure.

You feel deep gratitude for your presence in this holy moment.

Bliss pours from your lover’s eyes.

Unimaginable pleasure courses through your body, your mind, and your spirit.

Your breath stops as pure pleasure courses powerfully through your body.

As ecstasy and joy overtake you, you become aware of your lover’s gaze.

In your lover’s eyes, you see acceptance, adoration, love, respect, and joy.

You sense your lover’s deep gratitude for this moment with you.

You sense your lover’s deep appreciation for the perfection of this union.

You feel completely at one with your body.

You love yourself completely as you are.

Lie next to your lover.

As you begin to appreciate each other’s presence again, imagine that you are once again hovering over your bed, gazing down on your two naked bodies.

Become aware of the presence of pure love in the room with you, blessing your two bodies and spirits.

Move slowly away from those two perfect forms on the bed.

Move slowly back to this room.

Without opening your eyes, begin to recall the features of the room you’re sitting in or laying in.

Notice the feel of the chair or bed supporting your body.

Move your hands from beside you and place them on your thighs.

Move them slowly up to your stomach, then your chest, your neck, and finally your face.

As your hands touch your face gently, open your eyes.

Become aware of your surroundings.

Notice that you are completely aware, but peaceful and calm.

You feel completely ready for this moment.

Intimacy Meditation - Audio MP3
An exquisitely crafted intimacy meditation to help couples enjoy deep emotional and physical intimacy in a loving relationship.
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Price: $13.75
Price: $10.99


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